WATCH: Granata have a party on Davis Islands in video for “Say Whaddup”


“My art is ignorant…”

That’s a great line from a pretty talented dude.  We had a couple of handfuls worth of questions for Tampa-based MC Granata, but after a few rounds of watching any one of the clips he’s got on his YouTube channel, we’ve decided to not pry and just enjoy what we see.


Subject matter on any one of his songs includes smiling back, Nintendo games, cheating on his girl for beats, or eating chicken McNuggets all played over samples of Adele, Gramatik, and Dutch producer Tantu amongst others.  There are some particularly poignant moments, but for the most part the overwhelming feeling is one of a carefree, yet passionate existence.  It’s ridiculously listenable and making us glad there’s still a good bit of summer to enjoy these songs to.

To see and hear what we mean, just listen to the folks at Mieux Magazine and watch this three-minute clip for “Say Whaddup!” (directed by FreshView Films’ Miles Cable) from Granata’s upcoming Color Commentary EP. The video finds sir Granata takes to several locales on Davis Islands and presenting what could substitute for a damn Davis Islands Tourism Bureau promo video.

Maybe we’ll get up to speed with the fella, but for now we’re just enjoying the ride.

Granata has been added to the lineup for Don’t Stop St. Pete Festival, and you can download this song at his Bandcamp page.  More info on the event is available at our calendar page.