SERIOUSLY?: Top 10 “Who The F*** Is Bonnie Bear?!” Twitter Messages

A lot – and we mean a whole lot – has happened to Justin Vernon since he mythically emerged from those Wisconsin woods with one of the best breakup albums of our generation.  The 31-year-old singer-songwriter and frontman of Bon Iver has since had that album – For Emma, Forever Ago – picked up and released by Jagjaguwar, played an amazing show at State Theatre, and become BFFs with Kanye West.


Hell, he even won a Best New Artist Grammy award for his second LP (which he clairvoyantly left self-titled).  It’s been nearly three years since that State Theatre show, and now Vernon is a much-deserving veritable blogosphere darling – he could shit on a sidewalk and we’d probably think it was amazing (well, maybe not).

Either way, the guy is talented beyond belief, and it would take an ocean of haters to sink his ship.  Today he arrives for his band’s second ever Tampa Bay stop and the digs have improved quite a bit (Morsani Hall anyone?), and while a whole slew of music lovers recognize his name, there were still countless befuddled reactions to the Best New Artist win in February.

The best ones called him “Bonnie Bear” (Bon Iver is pronounced “bon-eee-vehr”), and that’s what we’re focusing on today.

So without further adieu here’s us having a little fun and compiling the Top 10 “Who The F*** is Bonnie Bear” internet reactions ever.  Have a look below, and get more information on tonight’s show at our calendar page.  See you there.

10. The Speller (@mitchellw_1)

09. The Brostepper (@Brennnn_)

08. The Grizzle Bear Combover(s) (@thegaryhicks + @IntelligentK1D)

07. The Hashtagger (@JodyStiles)

06. The Pedophile (@MacDaddyRachee)

05. The Google-er (@essD13)

04. The Jovi-Yogi-er (@SL1MM)

03. The Caveman (@TheNickMoeder)

02. The Jew? (@MsNoBooty)

1. Open Minded (@jessicalynn + @B_So_Adorkable)