WATCH: Every Time I Die – “It Remembers” (feat. Brendan Urie)

The oddest combination for a band and it’s featured artist just happened…Every Time I Die’s latest video single from their newly released album Low Teens that is out now features, now brace yourself… Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco!

The track is titled “It Remembers” and I do not actually know what is remembering what, but I will say that this odd combination of vocal styles between Keith Buckely of Every Time I Die and Brendon Urie, is definitely worth remembering. Buckley has an honest, gritty, and story-telling like singing voice that matches seamlessly with the hard hitting riffs his band has crafted in this pulsing and driving southern jam, and with the crooning like voice Urie perfected one would think it would not work at all, but the track is catchy, yet classic Every Time I Die.

The video itself is filmed like a story as well. Connects to the concept of Low Teens nicely, and even features more than just Urie’s voice since he plays a character in the video.

Check it out below!