WATCH: Evan Longoria passes out in an airplane over Tampa Bay

Photo via: Robert Snow/Red Bull Media House North America, Inc.

We’re not the most athletic bunch here at SubAp! HQ, but that doesn’t stop us from vegging out and following the Rays, Lightning, Bucs, and Rowdies do their thing, so we’re sharing this little video that the fine folks at Tampa Bay Times’ Rays blog — The Heater — pointed us to.  It’s a clip of Rays third baseman (and Chili Peppers fan) passing the f— out as he takes an airplane ride with Aerobatic badass Kirby Chambliss.

It happened as a part of Longorias induction to Red Bull’s roster of athletes which also includes Ryan Scheckler, Bruce Irons, and Blake Griffin amongst others.  The flight starts out scenic enough with great views of Tampa Bay and The Trop, but it quickly escalates into a circus when Chambliss starts twisting and turning his vessel like a madman.

It looks like the passing out happens around the 2:20 mark.   “I went black there for a second,” says Longoria as he comes to “[but] I’m alright.”  Okay.  Have a look at the clip below and watch the Rays freeze their tails off as they take on the Detroit Tigers today at 1 p.m..