WATCH: Brinton Jones + Jen Wood – “Butter For Burns”


Jen Wood’s New Granada Records release – Finds You In Love – was easily one of our favorite records of last year.  Her vocals are fantastically beguiling on that record, but once upon a time, the Seattle-based singer-songwriter lent her talents to Brinton Jones and his band, The Devil Whale, by singing on the ninth track, “Butter For Burns,” from their 2008 debut LP – Like Paraders.

The recorded version was rather melancholy three years ago, and is still pretty downtrodden in this brand new acoustic version posted by the folks at Intentional Mishaps.  The five-minute clip is relatively low key and finds Jones and Wood delivering the cut’s bittersweet chorus as if they wrote the song yesterday. “You love is like butter for burns, I read it in a book,” they sing, “it didn’t even work, it don’t make a difference – nothing gets solved, lessons get learned.”  Check it out below and ease into that office chair.  Happy Monday!