LOOK: Barack Obama at St. Petersburg College 09.08.12

Barack Obama speaking at St. Petersburg College 09.08.12 | Photo by: Zachary Tomlinson © President Barack Obama spoke to an attentive mass at the Seminole campus of St. Petersburg College – they braved the heat and lack of water to hear the most prominent figure in American politics speak on things to come; check out the shots below. jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery("#gallery-25c7d0f2... Read More

LOOK: Jensen Serf Company, Girls on the Beach, Thee Wilt Chamberlain + more at The Venture Compound 09.07.12

The Jensen Serf Company will crash into you – at the Venture Compound 9.7.12 | Photo by: Zachary Tomlinson © There can never be enough reverb – for those who agree, surf rock exists. The show at The Venture Compound was an exploration of what the Floridian scene has to offer, a sampling of all the extremes, from the punk-tinged riffs of The Jensen Serf Company to the lurching, almost psychedelic songwriting of Archaic Interest, to the... Read More

LOOK: Eureka California + more at The Venture Compound 09.06.12

Eureka California at the Venture Compound 9.6.12 | Photo by: Zachary Tomlinson © The rain couldn’t keep everyone away – the Venture Compound was a forum for the raucous guitar/drum combination of the traveling Eureka California. Check out shots from the set, including St. Petersburg garage rock powerhouse outfit The Black Roses and progressive rock trio My Wild Heaven. jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery("#gallery-bca41988... Read More

LOOK: AVOXBLUE + ANDRE OBIN + more at The Venture Compound 09.02.12

Avoxblue at The Venture Compound 9.2.12 | Photo by: Zachary Tomlinson © The joint tour of Avoxblue and André Obin, two artists exploring the darkest side of synthesizers and electronica,  hit the notorious Venture Compound – check out shots from the set and more from Floridian essentials Genre Baptiste, Young Egypt, Ars Phoenix, and Abstract Machine. jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery("#gallery-0bab0888... Read More

LOOK: Sparta Philharmonic, The Equines + more at The Venture Compound 09.01.12

Sparta Philharmonic at The Venture Compound 9.1.12 | Photo by: Zachary Tomlinson © Sparta Philharmonic is something climactic, moving rock forward into a sound of their own, both atmospheric and cacophonous. It was this vibe that filled The Venture Compound – dive into shots from the set, including The Equines, Dead Pedestrian, and Just Satellites. jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery("#gallery-651bcf5e... Read More

LOOK: Jane Jane Pollock at Will’s Pub 08.31.12

Jane Jane Pollock at Will’s Pub 8.31.12 | Photo by: Zachary Tomlinson © The travels of Jane Jane Pollock brought them through Orlando into the pitch black of Will’s Pub – check out what went down. jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery("#gallery-7f712bfe... Read More

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