WATCH & ENJOY: Every St. Pete Beat video ever

…ever published on Vimeo that is. Some time ago, we thought that St. Pete Beat would be no more (forgive us, we can’t find internet evidence anymore), so we emailed the film series’ creator — Ryan Zarra — for a few answers. “As for the sessions,” Zarra wrote in an email from early November, “I just feel like it’s time for a good closing. I want to focus more on documentaries and films in the future... Read More

LOOK: Ghouls Gone Wild at The Bends 10.27.12 (Feat. STOIC + Young Egypt + Holiday + DJ Mega + more)

DJ Mega at The Bends on Oct. 27, 2012. | Photo by: Brian Mahar © Continuing his whirlwind tour of St. Petersburg and Tampa on Saturday night, Brian Mahar found time to stop into one of The ‘Burg’s most talked-about new night spots — The Bends– to catch revelers in all of their Halloween glory.  Have a look below too see ll of Mahar’s shots from “Ghouls Gone Wild” — where DJs Mega, Big Chris, and SugaBear... Read More

LOOK: AVOXBLUE + ANDRE OBIN + more at The Venture Compound 09.02.12

Avoxblue at The Venture Compound 9.2.12 | Photo by: Zachary Tomlinson © The joint tour of Avoxblue and André Obin, two artists exploring the darkest side of synthesizers and electronica,  hit the notorious Venture Compound – check out shots from the set and more from Floridian essentials Genre Baptiste, Young Egypt, Ars Phoenix, and Abstract Machine. jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery("#gallery-31e67f62... Read More

LOOK: Young Egypt Red Tape Release Show at Ramblin’ Rose Upcycle 6.30.12

Phil Hawkins of Young Egypt and other fine people at the Ramblin’ Rose Upcycle 6.30.12 | Photo by: Zachary Tomlinson © In the dark backroom of the Ramblin’ Rose Upcycle, sound abounds – to set off the release of Young Egypt‘s long-awaited Red Tape, they were joined with Southern Nights, Noctambulo, DC9V, and Holiday. For a look at what went down, dive into the set. And if you haven’t heard it already, explore the sounds... Read More

INTERVIEW: After hours with Young Egypt

Jeff Skatzka and Phil Hawkins of Young Egypt in downtown St. Petersburg 01.06.12. | Photo by: Zachary Tomlinson © It is quiet on this side of town – the roads and homes are dark and limitless and empty as far as one can see beyond the streetlights. The rain comes in bursts and the sidewalks glow. From a cloud of cigarette smoke on the porch we watch a pair of police cruisers roll from one end of the avenue to the next, headlights cutting through... Read More

LOOK: Jackie Ransom feat. J.Thelonious, Whitey Alabastard, Young Egypt + more at The Venture Compound 04.20.12

Jackie Ransom and J.Thelonious./Photo via: Zachary Tomlinson The Venture Compound is as dynamic and evolving as the artists it provides a forum for – the Compound itself has advanced beyond a mere venue into a cultural crossroads for expression and stark humanity. If anything should most boldly represent this, it would be the 25th Pangaea Project: it unfolded from late night to early morning, showcasing the sounds and sensations that have defined... Read More

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