WATCH: Booker & Norton get rowdy, soulful on a GNC Session, then download the set for free

Wednesday nights are grand for anyone with a sense of hearing and radio.  They’re great because the beautiful boys at Grand National Championships take over the airwaves at WMNF 88.5 FM in Tampa, Fla. to present two hours of incessant, entertaining chatter alongside the musical tastes of the program’s host — Alastair St. Hill — as well as the underrated talents of co-hosts Jerrad McLeod and Corin Aitchison. SUB AP! CAL: LAURIS... Read More

REALLY REALLY LIVE REVIEW: WMNF’s 32nd Annual Tropical Heatwave (Ybor City)

  Saturday, May 11 // 01:45 a.m. We’re addicted to the internet (you’re on a website for Jeebus’ sake).  For some odd reason or another, part of our expression of the lives we lead leads us to share things via social media, so here we are cataloguing what we’re thinking at WMNF’s 32nd Tropical Heatwave, which is happening right now (actually everyone is sleeping right now). Here’s our thoughts on the fest... Read More


Heatwave is 32 years old. It’s two days long now too, and while WMNF’s annual celebration of some of the best and most eclectic music the country has to offer is like a Tampa holiday, there’s no way you’ll be able to soak it all in.  With that in mind, here’s a rough guide to Heatwave and a few things you shouldn’t not do. WMNF’S 31ST ANNUAL TROPICAL HEATWAVE: THE BASICS TICKETS |  BAND LIST| FOOD + DRINK (Older,... Read More

WATCH: Permanent Makeup – Live at WMNF (GNC Session 11.28.12)

Permanent Makeup are on a tear, which makes a lot of sense.  The band played their first show at a doctor’s office without ever practicing.  Their song lyrics are informed by infomercials and ad copy while the tunes themselves live in the post-punk sonic territory without insulting audiences’ desire for intelligent music. SUB AP! CAL: PERMANENT MAKEUP WELCOME HOME SHOW AT VENTURE COMPOUND 12.11.12 Last month they signed to local imprint... Read More

FREE DOWNLOAD: GNC Session 6.13.2012 (Feat. Jensen Serf Co.)

All photos by Kelley Jackson Our affinity for Jensen Serf Co. is well known, and while we are prone to jump fully behind the Bay area’s bands, we cannot say enough about the energy that this St. Pete-based outfit brings to any venue they enter.  There’s something about the volume and shear recklessness of a JSCo. set that reeks of not giving a damn, and their live session for WMNF’s Grand National Championships is a great example... Read More

FREE DOWNLOAD: GNC Session 6.6.2012 (Feat. Noctambulo)

Noctambulo — the brainchaild of June Bustamante and STOIC — create a space for listeners to exist before expounding into the experimental blend of electronic, ambient, and tribal sounds that have made them a mainstay in St. Petersburg’s vibrant musical culture.  For a few moments, that energy existed within WMNF’s Mike Eisenstadt live music studio where the band put down tracks for yet another GNC Session.  Strap in and... Read More

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