LOOK: PBR & R at Crowbar (Feat. The FL Kilos + Tidal Wave + Archaic Interest + Bambery + DJ Blenda) 08.18.12

Matt Bennett at PBR&R at Crowbar in Ybor City, Fla. on August 18, 2012. | Photo by: Brian Mahar © Despite the sweat dripping into your crotch on a daily basis, summer is still probably the greatest season in the Sunshine State.  On August 18, PBR descended upon Crowbar in Ybor City, Fla. to celebrate the sweltering.  PBR&R featured music from FL Kilos, Bambery, Archaic Interest, DJ Blenda and Tidal Wave as well as more than a few shenanigans.... Read More

DO IT TODAY: Eat free pizza, drink free beer, and check out winners from PBR’s 2010 art competition

PBR ladies at Cafe Hey on September 9, 2011./Photo by: Nicole Kibert City Bike Tampa parking lot – 212 E. Cass St. – (Downtown Tampa) –  6 p.m. — FREE I can’t speak for everyone here at SubAp!, but man do I think this event is going to be cool.  It combines three of our favorite things, booze, bikes, and free-ness, and while we certainly don’t condone biking under the influence (come on, be responsible people!), we still want... Read More

LOOK: PBR Bowl-O-Rama 09.04.11

Front page image via Nicole Kibert Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s already Friday, and the next edition of PBR Bowl-O-Rama is only two days away.  So what?  Here are some pictures from last Sunday’s event.  You exactly can’t tell from the pictures, but Pin Chasers Midtown was chock full of people getting their Labor Day roll on.  Check out more of Nicole’s shots from the evening below.  More information on the weekly fiesta del... Read More

LOOK: Week 2 of PBR Bowl-O-Rama at Pin Chasers Midtown 08.14.11

France and America actually get along quite well./Photo by: Nicole Kibert Bowling alleys:  They’re part of the backbone of America, and for eight weeks in the summer of 2011 a certain alley on 4847 N. Aremnia Ave. in Tampa plays host to a series of bowling nights that must be experienced by bowlers and non-bowlers of every ability level.  Last week’s edition was a blast and last night even more characters came out to experience the all-you-can-bowl... Read More

LOOK: Pabst Bowl-O-Rama at Pin Chasers Midtown 08.07.11

(From left) Joe D'Acunto, Matthew Bennett, and some other random guy don't have to sweat not rolling on Shabbos./Photo by: Nicole Kibert) Every single awesome photo by Nicole Kibert. A certain book says that Sundays are for rest and another one says you can’t do squat on Saturdays, but don’t tell that to Tampa.  Lesage, Mega, Blenda, and Casper already host the best end-of-the-weekend party at Crowbar each and every Sunday and now the... Read More

LIVE REVIEW: Hot Dog Show 5 at Crowbar 07.02.11

  Vinnie Cosentino of Palantine provides some crowd participation at the 5th Annual Hot Dog Show at Crowbar in Ybor City on July 2, 2011./Photo by: Nicole Kibert All photos by Nicole Kibert. Words by Ray Roa. Palantine’s bassist, Brian Johnson, is a screamer.  He proved it during his band’s closing set at the Fifth Annual Hot Dog Show at Crowbar, and while having a yelling competition with the audience might seem like a strange thing to... Read More

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