LOOK: Set and Setting + Jensen Serf Co. + Wolf-Face + Cosm at Octave 12.13.13

Set And Setting play Octave in St. Petersburg, Fla. on Dec. 13, 2013. | Photo by Brian Mahar © Photos by Brian Mahar © Set And Setting, still reeling from all of the positive feedback from their debut LP Equanimity, already have their eyes on recording another one, but they needed a little help, so a trio of bands — Wolf-Face, Jensen Serf Company, and Cosm — all banded together for a show at Octave in St. Petersburg, Fla. on December... Read More

LOOK: The Bends One-Year Anniversary 09.21.13 (Feat. The Death Set + Jensen Serf Co. + more)

The Death Set play The Bends in St. Petersburg, Fla. on Sept. 21, 2013. | Photo by: Brian Mahar © Photos by Brian Mahar © The Death Set say that their influences are “fun and integrity.”  That’s pretty bold, but it’s pretty fitting as the band helped one of The ‘Burg’s brightest, no frills, “we’re just a badass bar staffed by badass people” establishments celebrate a hot first year on the scene. Brian... Read More

LOOK: Bad Veins + Jensen Serf Company at Crowbar 05.22.13

Bad Veins play Crowbar in Ybor City, Fla. on May 22, 2013. | Photo by: Nicole Kibert © Photos by Nicole Kibert © April showers bring May flowers and a whole lot of love for Ohio-based dynamic duo, Bad Veins, who have a new drummer on the roster.  The band kicked off the day with an in-store at Microgroove and ended it with another great set at Crowbar in Ybor City, Fla.  Have a look at some shots below, then see pictures from Jensen Serf Company’s... Read More

LOOK: Jensen Serf Company at Crowbar 05.22.13

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LOOK: Jensen Serf Company, Girls on the Beach, Thee Wilt Chamberlain + more at The Venture Compound 09.07.12

The Jensen Serf Company will crash into you – at the Venture Compound 9.7.12 | Photo by: Zachary Tomlinson © There can never be enough reverb – for those who agree, surf rock exists. The show at The Venture Compound was an exploration of what the Floridian scene has to offer, a sampling of all the extremes, from the punk-tinged riffs of The Jensen Serf Company to the lurching, almost psychedelic songwriting of Archaic Interest, to the... Read More

FREE DOWNLOAD: GNC Session 6.13.2012 (Feat. Jensen Serf Co.)

All photos by Kelley Jackson Our affinity for Jensen Serf Co. is well known, and while we are prone to jump fully behind the Bay area’s bands, we cannot say enough about the energy that this St. Pete-based outfit brings to any venue they enter.  There’s something about the volume and shear recklessness of a JSCo. set that reeks of not giving a damn, and their live session for WMNF’s Grand National Championships is a great example... Read More

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