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LOOK: Jensen Serf Company, Girls on the Beach, Thee Wilt Chamberlain + more at The Venture Compound 09.07.12

The Jensen Serf Company will crash into you - at the Venture Compound 9.7.12 | Photo by: Zachary Tomlinson ©

There can never be enough reverb – for those who agree, surf rock exists. The show at The Venture Compound was an exploration of what the Floridian scene has to offer, a sampling of all the extremes, from the punk-tinged riffs of The Jensen Serf Company to the lurching, almost psychedelic songwriting of Archaic Interest, to the rock-heavy...

LOOK: Spiller reunion show at New World Brewery 04.07.12 (Feat. The Semis + Jensen Serf Co.)


Reunion shows always have a special vibe.  They usually mean that there was something extra special about the past that is simply impossible to ignore in the present.  They represent reconnection, and more importantly, they have the potential to expose a new audience to high quality art that was meant to endure forever.  All that, and then...