LOOK: Local Natives at the State Theatre – 4.16.14

The sold out State Theatre was more than ready for Local Natives. We’ve been to many shows in the area where the band comments on the local fans’ awesomeness and enthusiasm as Local Natives did last week. A lot of it has to do with the fact that many bands just skip over Florida when touring, and when they finally do come through, people are just so hungry for the music that their excitement is on another level. Well, it made for a great... Read More

LOOK: Moses Sumney at the State Theatre – 4.16.14

Moses Sumney jokingly introduced himself early on in his set by saying “Hi, I’m Moses Sumney. aka not Local Natives.” While he may not have been well known in the bay area when he got on stage, he certainly left it with a theater full of new fans. Check out some photos below. Next... Read More

LOOK: John Mark McMillan at Summit Church – 3.29.14

John Mark McMillan did not disappoint last weekend with his usual strong set and plenty of crowd participation and singing. Check out some photos below. Next... Read More

LOOK: Brady Toops at Summit Church – 3.29.14

During his set, Brady Toops asked who had seen him live before. After a few people clapped, he joked that only them and his mom knew who he was. We’re pretty sure that’s not true. At any rate, he gained a whole new room of fans last weekend. Check out some photos below. jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery("#gallery-d6e0a4da... Read More

LOOK: Hoyle at Summit Church – 3.29.14

Hoyle started out the evening at Summit last weekend with a shortened but strong set. Check out some photos below. Next... Read More

LOOK: The Grouch & Eligh at The Social – 3.25.14

You could feel the rise in the energy level at the Social last week when The Grouch & Eligh took the stage and the crowd closed in towards the front. They were definitely there to see the headliner, a further proved by the amount of lyrics they enthusiastically recited out by heart. Check out some photos below. Next... Read More

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