LIVE REVIEW: Anthrax at Stadium Green Iguana 02.01.12

Anthrax plays Stadium Green Iguana on Feb. 1, 2012. | Photo by: Zac Tomlinson © I wasn’t even alive when Spreading the Disease was released onto the angst-ridden, bored youths and thirtysomethings that would evolve into the first wave of metal’s most dedicated fans. I still hadn’t made my entrance to Earth even when Among the Living sealed the deal for Anthrax, granting them a special place in the history of all things heavy. But there I was,... Read More

LOOK: Gwar, Every Time I Die, at Green Iguana Stadium 11.23.11

A bloodbath for everyone./Photo via: Zachary Tomlinson I won’t wear white for galas, formal events, or the weddings of best friends, but I will wear white for Gwar. The band seems to be embedded in the minds of many, may they know them from Beavis and Butt-head or the countless television appearances and moments of controversy that decades in milking, flaying, and devouring every sacred cow will bring. Even with the death of the talented Corey... Read More

LOOK: Every Time I Die at Green Iguana Stadium 11.23.11

Photo via: Zachary Tomlinson Judging the banter overheard in the crowd, some may have found it strange to pair southern-tinged metalcore with Gwar – but these dissenting opinions proved to be useless. More bodies were up and airborne (and heading dangerously fast to the photo pit for the grasping arms of security guards) during Every Time I Die than at any point during the night. Take that, dissenters. LOOK: GWAR AT STADIUM GREEN IGUANA 11.23.11 Check... Read More

LOOK: Warbeast at Green Iguana Stadium 11.23.11

Photo via: Zachary Tomlinson Warbeast creates incredibly good thrash metal – it’s like the best of the 80′s metal scene survived a nuclear war and this band is the mutant leftovers.  They’re a natural pairing for Gwar’s present tour – take a look at what was a superb exercise in high speed, abrasive thrash. LOOK: GWAR AT STADIUM GREEN IGUANA 11.23.11 #gallery-4 { margin: auto; } #gallery-4 .gallery-item... Read More

LOOK: WWIII Tour at Green Iguana Stadium (Feat. Borgore) 11.19.11

Borgore performs at Green Iguana Stadium on November 19, 2011. | Photo by: Brian Mahar Stadium Green Iguana continued its hard push to become a premiere live music venue on Saturday when it hosted Israeli dubstep impresario Asaf Borger — aka Bogore – and the rest of the WWIII Tour featuring Hollywood Undead, Asking Alexandria, We Came As Romans, and Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows.  Our own Brian Mahar stopped by the soak it all in... Read More

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