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For some (including Mama Guava herself), the auspice of not being able to stumble belligerently down La Septima while celebrating Tampa’s autumnal bacchanal — aka Guavaween — was just too much to handle. “Next year we’re going to stumble down Seventh Avenue though,” Mama Guava — real name Kathi Grau...

LOOK: You Blew It! Record Release Party w/ Go Rydell, Great Deceivers, Dikembe & Teenagers @ Will’s Pub 4.27.12

You Blew It! did NOT blow their record release party @ Will's Pub on April 27, 2012

You Blew It! did NOT blow their record release party @ Will’s Pub on April 27, 2012 Hey! Guess what!! You Blew It! had an awesome record release party at Will’s Pub, Orlando, FL on April 27, 2012 in honor of their very first full length album, Grow Up, Dude, out now on Topshelf Records. You should go ahead and order it now here. Ok...

LOOK: Best Photos of 2011 (Elawgrrl Edition)

2011 Highlights Mosaic

Every year I swear I’m going to put together my highlights album as the year progresses… epic fail this year. At least after shooting 331 +/- individual sets this year, there were lots of great music moments to choose from! Posted below are a few of my favorites – check out the set below for more highlights or check out the video...