LOOK: Lucero – A Florida Tour – Orlando, St. Pete & Gainesville 5.24-26.12

A raucous Lucero crowd @ Double Down Live in Gainesville Lucero, more than most bands, has very dedicated fans that travel around to see them as many times as possible. It’s because Lucero manages to deeply resonate with people from all walks of life, age groups and political stripes. But during that show we all come together for awhile and sing our hearts out to our favorite songs and for that time, we are united. I am lucky. I get to see my... Read More

LOOK: FLA Lucero Weekend – Gainesville Edition w/ Snakehealers @ Double Down Live 5.26.12

Happy Double Down Live crowd for Lucero Sadly, it’s my last show on the Florida Lucero tour. Luckily, it was memorable one with crowd surfers, sustained hair moshing, a girl fight (really) and just a few screw-ups. And, I caught most of it for you below: Yep - that's TWO crowd surfers at the Lucero show @ Double Down Live Impressive hair moshing at the Lucero show @ Double Down Live in Gainesville on May 26, 2012 Heated exchange between... Read More

LOOK: FLA Lucero Weekend – Orlando Edition w/ The Soul Rebels & Bartender Brian 05.24.12

Lucero rocking The Beacham, Orlando on May 21, 2012 Lucero Florida Weekend Tour is finally underway! Lucero is from L-R: John C. Stubblefield, Ben Nichols, Roy Berry, Rick Steff, Jim Spake and Scott Thompson and Brian Venable Last night Lucero played The Beacham in Orlando with New Orleans’ The Soul Rebels and Orlando-based, Bartender Brian. The stage was set with the traditional Lucero banner as anticipation built for their set to begin. Traditional... Read More

LIVE REVIEW: Mason Jennings at Double Down Live 01.28.12

Mason Jennings plays Double Down Live in Gainesville, Fla. on Jan. 28, 2012. | Photo by: Danielle Malkin © There are literally millions upon millions of singer-songwriters that litter the Earth.  They come in the form of boys and girls who are young, old, rich, poor, and everything in between.  The craft is as old as human existence, and yet somehow, someway, Mason Jennings and his deep catalog of songs (ten long-players, a handful of EPs, and... Read More

Fest 10 will release 300 more weekend passes today at 12 p.m. EST

Artwork by Richard at HORSEBITES A lot has happened since we last posted on Fest 10 in late July.  They’ve released the official schedule (which we’re sure will see some tweaks before the event), a new compilation has been released (which is streaming below), and two pre-Fest shows have been announced.  Most important, however, is the fact that 300 additional passes to Fest 10 are going on sale in just about one hour. That’s right.  If you’ve... Read More

Common Grounds lives! (Sort of), 500 more weekend passes for Fest 10 available next week.

Gainesville's Common Grounds will reopen as Double Down Live. Against Me!, Ninja Gun, and Fake Problems almost blew the doors off of the now defunct Common Grounds in Gainesville, but now it’s come to our attention that the building has new renters.  What’s more is that it’s beginning to look like the only thing changing at 210 SW 2nd Ave. is going to the name. Yesterday, Tony Weinbender and the other boys and girls in the Fest 10 crew... Read More

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