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Brian Mahar’s year-end whirldwind. (Feat. Trés Bien, The Bends’ holidaze, Gold-Bears, Barb Wire Dolls, and more)


Photos by Brian Mahar © Okay, let’s face it.  Brian Mahar has us saying “uncle.”  Mahar literally kicked this whole site off just under two years ago when he submitted his shots from No Age’s show at Crowbar, and tonight we’re cheating just a bit. Here’s the deal:  somehow, someguey, Brian shoots a show or...

LOOK: Trap Snacks (The Second Coming) 07.05.12 (Feat. CJ Milli + DJ Mega + Sidedraft + Subpirate) 07.05.12


Nintendo. Hip Hop snack food.  Those are just a few things that you’ll find on any given Thursday when Trap Snacks takes over Fubar in St. Petersburg, Fla.  Brian Mahar was on hand for the second installment of this exploration of bass music, which features DJ Mega, Sidedraft, Subpirate, and CJ Milli (pictured above).  Have a look at the...