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Alright, so this will probably be modified/cleaned up pretty soon, but it’s something to get us started.  Photos really drive a lot of people to the site, so it’s always good when we can get shots from shows & events up before any of the other pubs in Tampa.  Plus you guys pretty much take the best fucking shots in town, so we feel pretty lucky that you want to post them here. Anyway.  Here’s how it goes:

First you login at

This is the screen you should get.

Next you look on the left toolbar, and you should click “Posts” then “Add New.”


Which in turn should show you this:

Not sure, if we’re gonna be rigid with titles/formats, but just make sure you get the BAND NAME/VENUE/DATE (in MO.DY.YR format) in there. Also make sure you look to the right and categorize/tag the post.

Photo posts should get the LOOK/PHOTOS/FEATURED category at minumum, and you should also check MUSIC if it is a band.

Tag the band, venue, and your own name (last party optional) at the least.

Now here’s the tricky part.  Nicole’s got this figured out already, but for the new guys and girls, here’s how to do the featured image:

1) Choose a photo from your set that you would like to be the header, and the one the scrolls at the top of the homepage.
2) Resize it to at 640 pixels in width in a separate program (height can vary). I use preview on my Mac, but you guys are photo gurus, so you got that figured out.
3) Find the “SET FEATURED IMAGE” link underneath POST TAGS and click.

That gets you here:

4) Hit “Select Files”, find your RESIZED image and upload it. That gets you to this screen where you can add a caption, title your photo, but most importantly make sure you select FULL SIZE (which should be set at 640Xwhatever if you resized the photo properly).

Once all the dimensions, captions, titles, etc. are to your liking click “USE AS FEATURED IMAGE” at the bottom of the pop up, it will load, then make sure the alignment is set to CENTERED, then hit “INSERT INTO POST, which — using Daryl’s post on SLEIGH BELLS — gets you here:

Afterwards you can type some body of text underneath.  Basically a 2-3 sentence summary, then insert your gallery which can be done in one of two ways. If you have a Flickr it’s just one short code, replacing the number within the quotations with the set number on Flickr:

Using Nicole’s page as an example:


The short code would end up looking like:

which will create the awesome display of awesomeness you see below



Now what if you don’t have a Flickr? Easy! Brian Mahar gets his stuff posted this way:

1)Get all the photos you want to use into one folder
2)Find the “GALLERY” tab on the left and click “ADD GALLERY /IMAGES”, which gets you to here:

3)Click “ADD NEW GALLERY”, and name it.  Do it however you like.  I am an anal retentive hoarder who names shit the way you see it in the image below.

After hitting that blue “ADD GALLERY” button it takes you back to the Upload Images tab where you can upload your beautiful photos by making sure that you’re uploading photos into your brand new little gallery and selecting the “browse” button which gets you here:

Select all of the images that you’d like to upload (I’m gonna use all the screen captures I just did – “Picture 2″ is a shot of my dog taking a crap, so you don’t want that):

Which, in turn gets you to this screen:

You’ll notice that the gallery has a number in front of it.  In this case it is “24″.  Remember the gallery number, because you’ll need it in a sec.  Hit “UPLOAD IMAGES”.  Here’s what you get:


Let the shots load, create thumbnails, etc., which gets you here:

Now all you have to do to insert the gallery into a post is use this shortcode (obviously substituting the “15″ for whichever number was assigned to your gallery — in our case “24″), which gets you the weird ass gallery below the image:

it looks like this in draft mode:

And that’s pretty much all she wrote.

I cannot express how thankful I am that you guys even want to be a part of this.  It’s awesome for me to see pictures of the local shows that we all go to have a place to be displayed.  We’re all just trying to expose the culture that Tampa/St.Pete/Orlando/ has, and I hope your time here is fulfilling and fun. Please let me know if there is anything that myself or Joel can do to make it even better.


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