LOOK: LOW TIDES TOUR @ The Orpheum, Ybor 9.25

Photo Courtesy of Alexis Smith

A show on a Sunday night? I know, I know… not something everyone can make happen, but believe me when I tell you, it was definitely one worth being tired on a Monday to attend. The Low Tides Tour brought an air of emotion and hard hitting lyrics.

The entire night seemed to be filled with the sounds of angst, parental disappointment, and of lover’s scorn. Southern California’s Movements brought the post-hardcore jams to The Orpheum’s stage first. The emotion-packed lyrics of their latest album “Outgrown Things” woke up the crowd and had many of their fans screaming along to the words. It is nice to see a small band from the other side of the country be so well received like they were.

Baltimore’s indie-rock/pop-punk 4-piece Have Mercy took the stage next continuing the melodic vibe and heartfelt lyrics that instilled emotion in a diverse crowd. They were able to hold the crowd’s interest with a great stage presence before the tour closer hit the stage. Returning back to southern Cali, pop-punk, duo This Wild Life closed the show with an intimate performance that consisted of just Kevin Jordan and Anthony Del Grosso playing their acoustic guitars to send everyone in the crowd home feeling a little closer than they had when they arrived. Even if people didn’t know the words, their ability to relate had everyone moving and listening to lyrics, and that demonstrates a great performance.