LOOK: Welcome to Tampa Am at Skatepark of Tampa (Feat. Saviours + The Shrine + Bad Shit + Party Time)

The Saviours help kick off Tampa Am Weekend at the Skatepark of Tampa on Dec. 6, 2012. | Photo by: Brian Mahar ©

If you haven’t figured it out yet.  An 813 institution — The Skatepark Of Tampa — is celebrating 20 years on the block this weekend.  They’re once again hosting one of the world’s greatest amateur skateboarding competetions — Tampa Am — and last night they welcomed townies and out of towners alike with a ridiculous show and skating.


Brian Mahar was on hand and has snaps of The Shrine, Saviours, Bad Shit, and Party Time to share with you.  The party continues tonight and all through the weekend.  Have a look at Brian’s shots from the Welcome To Tampa Party and listen to a track from Saviours below then get more info on this weekend’s festivities at the calendar page.