LOOK: The Love Language plays NWB on 5.17.11 w/Andy Matchett and the Minks + Halibut

Stuart McLamb of The Love Language/Photo: Kelley Jackson

Editor’s Note: Whilst this show went down last week, we still wanted to share some of these shots of Andy Matchett & co.’s opening set because the only time “Better Late Than Never” is a bad thing is when you’re taking an unexpected pregnancy test the day after getting laid off your job. — Ray

The Love Language played a Thx Mgmt showcase at New World Brewery along with Andy Matchett and the Minks and Halibut. To see the full set of photos from AM&TM and Halibut click here. To download or print copies of this album go to Lucy Pearl Photography. All photos by Kelley Jackson.

Andy Matchett and The Minks


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