LOOK: REV25 Chicago Photo Review Aka Revelation Records 25th Anniversary Shows, House of Blues, January 5-6, 2013

REV25 Chicago marked the final installment of the trilogy of Revelation Records 25th Anniversary Shows following up on REV25 NYC and REV25 CA. REV25 Chicago featured Down To Nothing, Gorilla Biscuits, Into Another, Sense Field, Texas Is The Reason, Thirty-Two Frames and Youth Of Today. This photo review also includes bonus photos from the Cibola Record Fair featuring readings from Vique Martin (Simba) and Eric Weiss (Rumpshaker) and as well as an acoustic set from Walter Schreifels and cupcakes, too.

REV25 Chicago Mosaic

Highlights from REV25 Chicago are in the gallery at the end of this post. Looking for more photos? Please check out my Rev25 photo collection posted here: http://tinyurl.com/rev25pics.

Texas Is The Reason

Texas Is The Reason was a major part of the score to my college years but the best part is that their music still resonates today not just with me and my peers but a whole new generation.

Scott Winegard

Scott Winegard

Chris Daly

Chris Daly

Garrett Klahn

Garrett Klahn

Norman Brannon

Norman Brannon

If you missed out on the TITR reunion shows so far, hopefully you’ll be about to catch one of their upcoming shows (ticket info here):

February 15 Washington DC Black Cat
February 16 Philadelphia, PA Union Transfer
February 17 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club
March 8 Toronto, ON Lee’s Palace
March 9 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade
March 29 San Francisco, CA Bimbo’s 365
March 30 Los Angeles, CA The Music Box at Henry Fonda Theater

If you aren’t going to be able to make any shows as a pretty fantastic consolation prize, you can take a look at the mini-film Steve Pedulla put together at the Music Hall of Williamsburg:

Finally, in case you’ve been living under a rock, Texas Is The Reason has a re-issue out of “Do You Know Who You Are?: The Complete Collection” that contains two previously unreleased tracks – you can get it on vinyl or CD here. Check out more Texas Is The Reason photos here.

Into Another

My love affair with Into Another dates back to my high school years and I’ve felt very privileged to see them at the REV25 Anniversary shows. Cathartic.

Richie Birkenhead

Richie Birkenhead

Reid Black and Brian Balchack

Reid Black and Brian Balchack

Peter Moses

Peter Moses

Drew Thomas

Drew Thomas

Check out more Into Another photos here.

Sense Field

Sense Field is another favorite band dating back to my high school years – we even had them on our public access TV show, “It’s a Splendid Life.” Happily, they are just as amazing today.

071_Sensefield @ Rev25 1.6.13-91

073_Sensefield @ Rev25 1.6.13-120

077_Sensefield @ Rev25 1.6.13-145

069_Sensefield @ Rev25 1.6.13-57

Check out more Sense Field photos here.


Who doesn’t love Farside? And, thankfully Popeye singing solo with an acoustic guitar is a fantastic substitute. More please!

062_Popeye @ Rev25 1.6.13-12

064_Popeye @ Rev25 1.6.13-96

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Gorilla Biscuits

What might seem dumb to you is still pounding in my heart.

060_Gorilla Biscuits @ REV25 Chicago 1.5.13-145

054_Gorilla Biscuits @ REV25 Chicago 1.5.13-84

053_Gorilla Biscuits @ REV25 Chicago 1.5.13-73

051_Gorilla Biscuits @ REV25 Chicago 1.5.13-68

048_Gorilla Biscuits @ REV25 Chicago 1.5.13-35

041_Gorilla Biscuits @ REV25 Chicago 1.5.13-4

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Youth Of Today

I’m gonna live my life,
breath every breath,
look towards the future
and move straight ahead.

Youth of Today 1.5.13

023_Youth Of Today @ REV25 Chicago 1.5.13-22

022_Youth Of Today @ REV25 Chicago 1.5.13-16

021_Youth Of Today @ REV25 Chicago 1.5.13-3

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Down To Nothing

In case you weren’t sure, Revelation Records is still putting out new records and this is one of their new hardcore bands. The crowd danced up a storm for their whole set.

036_Down To Nothing @ REV25 Chicago 1.5.13-5

030_Down To Nothing @ REV25 Chicago 1.5.13-18

017_Down To Nothing @ REV25 Chicago 1.5.13-100

015_Down To Nothing @ REV25 Chicago 1.5.13-85

014_Down To Nothing @ REV25 Chicago 1.5.13-76

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Thirty-Two Frames

020_Thirty-Two Frames @ REV25 Chicago 1.5.13

019_Thirty-Two Frames @ REV25 Chicago 1.5.13

018_Thirty-Two Frames @ REV25 Chicago 1.5.13

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Cibola Record Fair

The Cibola Record Fair featured readings from Vique Martin (Simba) and Eric Weiss (Rumpshaker) and a performance from Walter Schreifels. But most importantly, other than the records of course, were the awesome punk rock vegan cupcakes.

Vique Martin reading Simba

Vique Martin reading Simba

Awesome punk rock cupcakes from @flexyourheart (IG)

Awesome punk rock cupcakes from @flexyourheart (IG)

Eric Weiss reading Rumpshaker

Eric Weiss reading Rumpshaker

Walter Schreifels and a bear

Walter Schreifels and a bear

Check out more photos from the Cibola Record Fair here and more Walter Schreifels photos here.

REV25 Chicago Photo Highlights Gallery:

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