LOOK: Os Ovni, Genre Baptiste, Michael Christmas, Young Egypt, Great White Duck, Infinite Third at Venture Compound 12.20.11

Os Ovni enchants and haunts./Photo via: Zachary Tomlinson

Jesse Thelonious Vance – or J.thelonious, as some of you may know him through the incessant and constantly evolving creative projects – has moved into a sepulchral warehouse somewhere in Saint Petersburg. Already, it’s looking like the paradise of a volatile mind: noise ordinances are nonexistent, neighbors are few and far between, and the parking space is essentially infinite. What would be better than converting these dynamics into something that is a home but equal parts gallery, venue, and forum for the expressive and challenging? Thelonious has done precisely that, transforming an iron tomb into The Venture Compound.

Os Ovni is creeping through the South from Texas, bringing droning, atmospheric synth lines and chants to captive ears.  On their St. Petersburg date, the Compound was home. Few shows run to four in the morning. Even fewer shows are worth the insomnia. But this was certainly one of them – adulterate your senses with scenes from the witching hour below.