LOOK: Ol’ Dirty Sundays at Crowbar feat. DJ Sandman, Deacon, & Dynasty

Dynasty performs on the roof at Crowbar as a part of Ol' Dirty Sundays on May 22, 2011./Photo by: Brian Mahar

We’re constantly writing about Crowbar’s Ol’ Dirty Sundays gaining more and more steam each and every week, but things just may have come to a head last night.  DJs Mega and Blenda welcomed Deacon and DJ Sandman to the party yesterday, and Tribal Style’s own Mugabe Tenn even rocked the mic for a spell.  There were even hot dog sandwiches, and to top it all off, Tampa femcee Dynasty performed a set on the roof.

Yes, on the roof.  Brian Mahar’s photos can be seen below.  Dynasty’s latest video can be seen here, and her mixtape, Dreampusher, can be downloaded for free here.