LIVE REVIEW: Com Truise at Czar Imperial Ballroom 07.13.11

Seth Haley, aka Con Truise, performs at Czar Imperial Ballroom in Ybor City on July 13, 2011./Photo by: gtdmouse

Don’t get me wrong, I was plenty excited about the bill presented at Czar last Wednesday, but I wasn’t expecting as many people to feel the same way. However, the lines that surrounded both sides of the venue when I arrived assured me that my preconceived notions were wrong. The buzz in the air was palpable, even before setting foot in the venue. Once I stepped inside though, those notions proved to be true and at least during the first set of the night, people were there but it seemed that they just really didn’t seem to care that they were out at a show.

The line at Czar wrapped around both 7th Ave. and 15th St./Photo by: Brian Mahar

As a large man clad in a black t-shirt, Seth Haley (touring under his Com Truise Moniker) doesn’t resemble the prototypical mold for our modern electronic producer. He took the stage at Czar Imperial Ballroom resembling more of a security guard or a sound engineer than an opening act, but he was absolutely brilliant. Or at least I thought so. The masses that were gathered on the dance floor and the outskirts that surrounded it seemed much more content to stand in circles and converse with compatriots than to pay attention to Haley’s special blend of room shaking beats. Whether it was the hazy “VHS Sex” or a clattering Lil Wayne remix (“John” for those interested in that sort of thing) it wasn’t enough to get people moving.

It’s sad, Haley puts on a better show than most of your post millennial beats men, he was back and forth across the stage all night, moving from midi controllers to synths to drum pads. It was obvious he was having fun and he playing was flawless, but for one reason or another he just couldn’t win the crowd over.

Perhaps the Com Truise fans were still stuck in the line that still stretched down 15th once his set ended, but either way it was disappointing. Not in that Haley was uninteresting, but that the crowd was uninterested. It’s tough to see a guy putting so much work in and getting no response from a crowd that seemed so geared toward the energy that such beats general provide.

Seth Haley -- aka Com Truise -- performs at Czar Imperial Ballroom on July 13, 2011./Photo by: Brian Mahar

Seth Haley -- aka Com Truise -- performs at Czar Imperial Ballroom on July 13, 2011./Photo by: Brian Mahar