LIVE REVIEW: Best Coast at The Social 07.09.12

Best Coast play The Social in Orlando, Fla. on July 9, 2012. | Photo by: John Prinzo ©

Um. Best Coast. Yeah. They kind of fucking rocked. I’m being honest when I say that I wasn’t waiting for this show with baited breath, especially being a Monday night with the possibility of this being a total teenybopper snoozer. Boy was I pleasantly surprised.


Bethany Cosentino and crew amped up the rock and added a serious fuzzed-out edge to their 60’s style California surf pop. Drums thudded and guitars crunched as the four-piece cruised through almost punk versions of their dreamy sing-alongs including “Why I Cry,” “How They Want Me to Be,” “Boyfriend,” “Last Year,” “Crazy For You,” and even took an off script request from the audience and played “Bratty B” despite not having rehearsed it. Bethany promised they would practice it and play it right next time.

Collaborator Bob Bruno and Cosentino even played a game of rock, paper, scissors to decide which song was next. I’m not sure who won but it ended up as a killer cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Storms.”

The front three traded instruments as each took on bass duties at some point. One song even had three guitars. I would have never expected a three-guitar assault from Best Coast.  It was refreshing to see an indie darling band come out and crank it up with nary a synthesizer or laptop to be seen or thankfully heard. BC earned some rock cred by laying it down with some authority.  They even got some cred for doing Jager shots onstage.

The irony here is that thee most annoying fans at the show (possibly in the world) got called out for a round of applause for buying the band shots. What 80% of the cheering audience didn’t know was this couple was sooo drunk and obnoxious that they ruined the performance by creating a 10-person radius of sadness and anger with their presence. They staggered and screamed and even moshed their way on to the secret murder list of about 30 people. Their drunken buffoonery earned some of the most evil glances from some of the nicest fans I’ve ever seen.

Cosentino was funny and engaging with her swooning audience making the obligatory comments about the oppressive heat and Mickey Mouse. Even though the band’s very name is sleight against folks on this side of the continent (East Siiiide!) the show – the first of this tour – was sold out. Take that California with your arid climate, fake boobs, and budget shortfalls. So who’s the best coast now?

Check out photos from sets by Best Coast and Those Darlin’s below and check out some YouTube videos from the set by clicking here.


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