LIVE REVIEW: Beach House at the Beacham Theater 05.09.12

Beach House play Beacham Theatre in Orlando, Fla. on May 9, 2012. | Photo by: John Prinzo ©

If you go to see Beach House perform with the knowledge that they are not going to melt your face off then you won’t be let down. If you are looking for a somber and ethereal band on record that kicks it into high gear with screeching guitar antics and full band instrumentation in the live setting then you could possibly be bored. Fans of BH seem to understand the former and are calmly, happily engaged by the 3-piece’s mesmerizing, dreamy sound.


A nearly packed Beacham Theater in Orlando greeted the band with open arms as they highlighted a good portion of their upcoming album, Bloom. They held the audience in a trance-like state for nearly an hour and a half without so much as a few words to the crowd. The addition of a live drummer added a little “umph” to the pre-programmed percussion tracks. Together with the elegantly atmospheric guitar work of Alex Scally and a subtle yet hypnotic light show the two set the backdrop for the real feature. Seeing Beach House live just underscores the unique and powerful vocals of Victoria Legrand. The music is wonderful, but she is nearly an untouchable talent in the indie laptop world. Arguably, the high point in the evening was a rousing “10 Mile Stereo.” All of the described elements came together in the only truly climactic crescendo of the evening.


Beach House Setlist (May 9, 2012 – Orlando, Fla. – Beacham Theatre):
01. Troublemaker
02. Other People
03. Norway
04. Walk in the Park
05. Wild
06. Lazuli
07. Gila
08. Equal Mind
09. Silver Soul
10. New Year
11. Zebra
12. Wishes
13. Take Care
14. Myth
15. Turtle Island
16. 10 Mile Stereo
17. Irene