LISTEN: Sun Hotel – Gifts EP

What starts out as a rather mellow meditation on “Talks” – the opening track on Sun Hotel’s latest EP, Gifts – unfolds into a thundering explosion of dirty guitar, bellowing floor toms, and impassioned harmonies that find the New Orleans-based quartet shouting “I’m wrong about a lot of things now.” What they haven’t got wrong, however, is how to take listeners on one hell of a journey. Gifts subtly goes from loud to achingly quiet – often within one song – and the effort is one of the best records of 2011.

Have a listen below and name your price for a digital copy at Bandcamp.  But the physical version via Chinpaquin Records.  The band plays New World Brewery on Thursday April 5.  More information on the show is available at our calendar page.

Sun Hotel – Gifts EP

01. Talks
02. Got Along
03. Alchemy
04. Ease
05. House Pride