LISTEN: Antiwarpt 12″ compilation. (Get early bird tickets for just $12, too)

The 2nd Annual Antiwarpt Festival happens on July 30th in St. Petersburg.

One of the most difficult things about going to music festivals is trying to figure out which bands you want to go see.  A quick glance at lineup sheets presents nothing but good (and not so good) band names that may or may not be attached to reputations for putting on an awesome live show.  Sometimes you wish there was some kind of mixtape that would allow you to preview tracks from many of the artists well before the actual fest happened.

Well today you’re in some kind of luck since the good boys and girls that are putting on the 2nd annual Antiwarpt Music Festival have slapped together a nice little compilation of cuts from a few Antiwarpt artists.  The comp doesn’t include songs from all of the nearly 50 announced acts, but there are cuts from The Semis, Infinite Skillz, Kaleigh Baker, Florida Night Heat, Alias Punch, Sleepy Vikings, Jane Jane Pollock, and Set and Setting.

A complete tracklist and stream are available below.  Tickets to the festival – which goes down on July 30 in St. Petersburg — are available here for just $15.  It’ll cost you $18 to get in on the day of, but early bird tickets can be had for just 12 bucks at Daddy Kool Records for a limited time.


Antiwarpt 12” Compilation Tracklist:
01. The Semis – “Fun In The Sun”
02. Alias Punch – “Draft Dodger”
03. Jane Jane Pollock – “Gloomy”
04. Infinite Skillz – “Talk of the Town”
05. Kaleigh Baker – “Train Gone By”
06. Florida Night Heat – “Bobby Shitz”
07. Sleepy Vikings – “Flashlight Tag”
08. Set and Setting – “Stereophonic”