FEST 10 REVIEW: DAY 2 – 10.29.11

Tommy Gabel of Against Me! leads his band through a set at Florida Theatre on October 28, 2011 as a part of Fest 10 in Gainesville, Fla./Photo by: Nicole Kibert


Day two of Fest 10 and I am definitely feeling it. By it, I mean soreness. It’s okay though because today’s line-up features a number of bands that I either love seeing, or have been waiting to see.  We started the day with a hearty lunch (yeah, lunch…It’s Fest so we didn’t wake up until lunchtime. It’s a tough life) from Boca Fiesta then headed to The Lunchbox to see our friend Dave Decker kick out some acoustic jams.

Dave Decker – The Lunchbox – 1:40 p.m.

Seeing Dave play was an excellent way to start the morning. I’ve known Dave Decker for years and have seen a number of his bands before but until today have never seen his solo acoustic show. Decker’s raucous tunes made for excellent music and an excellent start to day two of Fest.

All ramped up and ready to go, I had to make a quick stop back at the hotel to pick up my earplugs that I had forgotten. I then accidentally fell asleep on the couch for about an hour. Apparently I wasn’t quite as ready to face the day as I had thought. Once I woke up and got my wits about me, I made my way to 8 Seconds where the majority of the bands I wanted to see today were playing.


Paul Baribeau plays 8 Seconds on October 29, 2011 as a part of Fest 10 in Gainesville, Fla./Photo by: Nicole Kibert

Paul Baribeau – 8 seconds – 3:20 p.m.

Continuing on with solo acoustic acts I entered 8 Seconds in time to hear two songs by Paul Baribeau. Baribeau plays incredibly catchy, fun, heartfelt songs and considering the venue was packed so early in the day, that’s apparently just want the audience wanted.

Grabass Charlestons – 8 seconds 3:44

After 11 years, Grabass still kill it. I remember playing a show with them back in 2000 in Tampa at a dive called Harbor Club and thinking that they were an above average band even then. The open space at 8 Seconds filled in as Grabass Charlestons tore thorough 40 minutes of punk. Their drummer recently suffered a broken hand but managed to play through the pain and perform better than most drummers at 100% health. Amazing set from a great band.


RVIVR – 8 seconds 4:50

Olympia Washington’s RVIVR have a distinct punk sound loaded with melody, intense lyrical content and killer guitar riffs. I was beyond stoked for this set having waited for quite a while for the chance to see RVIVR play here in Florida and was far from disappointed! The band played both current favorites and a number of future favorites off of their upcoming new 7″. I love their set from start to finish. The only complaints I heard from people I spoke with was that they could have done without some of the band’s between song banter. Personally, I am more than willing to deal with some chitchat if it comes along with a half hour of great music. RVIVR are an outstanding band and if you haven’t heard them yet, get on it!


Iron Chic plays 8 Seconds on October 29, 2011 as a part of Fest 10 in Gainesville, Fla./Photo by: Nicole Kibert

Iron Chic – 8 seconds 5:30

Long Islands Iron Chic was up next. I heard lots of chatter and excitement all day about seeing Chic play, and gauging by last year’s amazing set I knew why. These guys get the attention of everyone in the room whether you’ve heard them before or not. They are that good. Audience members knew every song and weren’t afraid to sing loud. The stage barrier between band and audience couldn’t hold the excited crowd back as Iron Chic pounded through 40 minutes of their brand of loud, mid tempo punk.


Coffee Project – Civic Media Center 6:20

Coffee Project is the creation of Buddy (Less than Jake) and Jake (Rehasher). Over the past couple of years they have picked up a ton of new fans (judging by the amount of people at Civic Media since I saw them last fest). The duo play primarily acoustic guitar & trombone though during the set; however, they became a quartet at times, adding stand up bass and banjo.  CP have such a fun vibe and incredibly amazing songs that it’s almost impossible not to smile when they cheerful play songs like “Big Trouble In Little Gainesville”. Buddy & Jake smiled and joked through an awesome set and made for an awesome mid-day pick-me-up.


Tim Barry performs from within the audience at 8 Seconds on October 29, 2011 as a part of Fest 10 in Gainesville, Fla./Photo by: Nicole Kibert

Tim Barry – 8 seconds 8:15

Starting his set with guitar issues, Barry jumped the stage barrier and joined the crowd for a sing along. This is not the first time I have seem Tim Barry do this, but never in such a massive crowd. The audience belted out the lyrics to Barry’s song “Dog Bumped” from the floor drowning out his unplugged acoustic guitar though nobody cared since they were having too much fun. Once back to the stage and tuned up, it was on with the show. The crowd surged forward throughout the set screaming lyrics and periodically yelling to Barry to let them know how glad they were that he was playing. Aside from Tim’s amazing song writing, he is also a storyteller. No matter how many times you’ve seen him, the stories you’ve heard him tell at other shows never get old. The set ended seemed to end way too quickly. Thankfully there were more great bands coming up so the sadness was short lived.


Good Luck – 8 seconds 10:10

Good Luck is a really fun band. They have lots of energy and unforgettable melodies. Their guitarist waivers between jazzy guitar lines interspersed with punk riffs, Dismemberment Plan sounding lines, and pop/punk sing-alongs at the blink of an eye. I didn’t know much of Good Luck’s catalogue prior to today, but the kids in the crowd absolutely knew every single lyric. Throughout the set, crowd surfers passed over the dividers like a human waterfall and I have to give credit to the security staff of 8 Seconds. They were patient and caring to make sure nobody got hurt yet didn’t try to interfere with anybody’s good time.


Video via YouTube user drumorange

Lemuria – 8 Seconds 11:10

Sheena Ozzella of Lemuria

I won’t lie.  Lemuria has been one of my favorite bands for the past few years, so my write-up here will of course reflect this fact.  With Alex Kerns’ frantic drum lines crossing the line between punk and jazz, beautifully angelic vocals (and wonderfully dissonant guitar playing) provided by Sheena Ozzella, as well as Max Gregor’s rock solid bass riffs Lemuria is anything but a typical 4-chord pop band. The trio bridges the gap between the punk rock and hardcore scenes. Both were well represented at 8 Seconds tonight. Their 12-song set covered songs from all of their major releases and audience participation was nearly defining.  Lemuria did NOT disappoint and if you missed them, you missed one of the best shows of the weekend.

Though we had not covered nearly the amount of bands we managed to during day one, we were exhausted. Back to the hotel? Sounds good… stage access to see Gainesville’s own Against Me!? EVEN BETTER! Here we go again…..


Against Me! – Florida Theater 12:30

The capacity crowd at Florida Theater made me super happy to be on the stage where I could actually breathe. That is of course until even the stage flooded with fans ready to hear Against Me! tear the roof of the theater, which is precisely what they did. Having seen the band go through 3 drummers, add keyboards, etc., I can without doubt say that this was one of the best performances that I have seen them play in years! The 50 minute set contained no filler, or banter. Song to song non-stop, the energy that Against Me! puts out on stage is insane considering they do it just about nightly. Songs spanning their entire career were played, and the older tunes even seemed to have a new life to them. The audience was fully satisfied and tired by the time the show came to its conclusion. I cannot think of a better was to end day two of Fest 10 weekend…… well expect for a shower and sleep.


Video via YouTube user drumorange

One more day of Fest 10 and so far we are holding up well. Tomorrow will consist of Cheap Girls, How Dare You, and more amazing regional bands than you can shake a stick at. Oh, and just a tip, don’t shake sticks at bands. They don’t appreciate it. Okay. Sleep is about to happen and tomorrow will be here all too soon. Night!

Check out a gallery of Nicole’s Fest 10, Day 2 highlights below.

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  • Your reviews give me a refreshing insight to the shows I missed and bands I never heard of (grabass charlestons and good luck). I’ll be sure to check them out.