DO IT TODAY: Jarvik 7’s Final Show

A quick trip to Jarvik 7‘s official website reveals the illustration that you’re looking at above, and if that doesn’t make it obvious enough, then let us clear it up a bit more.  Yes, after over  a decade-and-a-half (plus a few other “break ups” and lineup changes) Jarvik 7 is really calling it quits.  And while tonight is one of those evenings were something is going on for everyone (a quick trip to the calendar page will yield details on several other shows going on tonight), we’re going to go ahead and say that you should commit to making out to New World Brewery to bid the band a fine farewell.

Our friends at New Granada have pieced together a fine bill (SubAp! faves Easybreezy and A.T.T.I.C. play support), and the set times may or may not give you time to jump between this show and Brokenmold Entertainment’s Holiday Party at Crowbar where you can get your paws on this sweet T-shirt plus see a slew of bands including Florida Night Heat and Moutain Holler.

Get details on Jarvik 7’s final soiree here, and have a listen to last year’s Formal Absence Of Precious Things below.  A pay-what-you-want download of the album is available at Bandcamp.

Jarvik 7 – Formal Absence Of Precious Things