INTERVIEW: Pale Horse Design – SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival


We got a chance to talk to Chris Parks of Pale Horse Design about co-curating this years SHINE St. Petersburg Mural Festival. The art scene in our city is robust and innovative, and seeing it displayed in an event like this makes it even more so. The interview is below: SubAp!: What’s the pressure like (if any) to follow up such a successful...

Goodbyes can be BeautiFL.

MC Kenna

MC Kenna was raised by his loving parents with help from his favorite half Jamaican half Korean aunt and uncle in Tampa. He grew up scheming and dreaming, writing raps on napkins, getting emotional and eating constantly. MC Kenna has made a budding reputation as a visionary around the bay area. Now, MC Kenna is taking the next step in his journey...