Author - Zachary Tomlinson

LIVE REVIEW: Off! + Double Negative + Negative Approach at State Theatre 09.25.12

Off! plays State Theatre in St. Petesburg, Fla. on Sept. 25, 2012. | Photo by: Sean Orr ©

All photos by Sean Orr © It was something like last year when I met him across the street at Daddy Kool – he was sitting behind a desk topped with markers and bottled water for a pre show in-store. Of all ages, they were coming up and passing him records, ticket stubs, posters – they’d be handed back with signatures and then would come the...

LOOK: Jensen Serf Company, Girls on the Beach, Thee Wilt Chamberlain + more at The Venture Compound 09.07.12

The Jensen Serf Company will crash into you - at the Venture Compound 9.7.12 | Photo by: Zachary Tomlinson ©

There can never be enough reverb – for those who agree, surf rock exists. The show at The Venture Compound was an exploration of what the Floridian scene has to offer, a sampling of all the extremes, from the punk-tinged riffs of The Jensen Serf Company to the lurching, almost psychedelic songwriting of Archaic Interest, to the rock-heavy...