ALBUM REVIEW: Adam Randall – The Vanishing World (Part One)

I finish the last sips of my small pot of coffee and realize that I should have been sipping on chamomile tea. Adam Randall‘s melodic folk rock relaxes the mind, which is not the best for my wired brain.  The Vanishing World (Part One) is an album that make you feel a cool breeze in the harsh heat of a Florida summer. Randall uses his tranquil voice to capture listeners in a state of harmony, and the instrumentation winds and weaves around Randall’s voice playing off his wistful lyrics.

Like the body needs energy from food, the soul needs energy as well. The EP feeds your soul and purges the toxicity that comes with the harshness of life, which leads me to the album’s second song “Hard Life” being one cut that stayed with me the rest of the day.  The lyrics are blunt: “It’s a hard life,” sings Randall, “and then you die.”  Meanwhile the music in the background is uplifting, giving the track a twist which makes you want to enjoy life despite it being “hard.” Randall’s lyrics involve the commonality that we are as a society are, especially with the song “Pedestrian” stating that “I’m a pedestrian… Everywhere I go is a long way.”  The instrumentation sings just as lovely as Randall himself — it’s modern, clean, folk-rock with acoustic guitar that plays along with Randall’s voice throughout the entire album.  He even gets a little help from his friends on cello and drums.

The Vanishing World (Part One)‘s album cover coincides well with what is actually inside.  The front bears a dead leaf with an abnormally long stem, seemingly symbolizing the nature of Randall once having a long connection to his now vanishing world.  Superficially, the album cover makes me think of the pseudo-autumn that Florida holds where leaves just eventually die and we watch as the winter takes them away.  The Vanishing World (Part One) will take you away and hopefully the world will not vanish before the second part appears.

Adam Randall’s The Vanishing World (Part One) is available now.